You have a passion. You have drive. You are a heart centred woman or entrepreneur who desires authenticity.

"Combining the wisdom of your heart with the knowledge of your mind so that you can create a life and business that feels fabulous and gets the results you desire."

My journey as led me down a path of deep self discovery, finding my very own truth and embracing the unique gifts that I bring to this world.

This was not always an easy path, though it has gifted me with many gifts and amazing insight.

In my life I have worked through many obstacles and struggles, and the one thing that always remained true was that the struggle and overwhelm got much easier when I got quiet, connected and looked within.

"All answers are within me. I follow my inner wisdom" - Orin & DaBen

I’m grateful that I’ve been able to heal my body, find peace, inspiration, and create a business and life that is filled with ease and flow — all whilst remaining authentic and aligned with my core values. It took finding my truth and trusting my own intuition through a scared and soulful self-care practice. It also took shifting my mindset and becoming more mindful of my truth and desires.

And I want you to find your truth, embrace your unique gifts, find peace and inspiration, and create a life that you absolutely adore.

Teresa has an amazing gift of helping others gain clarity on their life's purpose. While attending Teresa's Integrated Energy Therapy's Steps to Transformation class I had my "aha" moment. Teresa's compassion, enthusiasm, and knowledge allowed me the space to envision a new direction for my Life Coaching business. Teresa provides a safe place to dream and imagine what you really want out of your life and teaches you how to use your personal gifts. She intuitively knows the right questions to ask to move you past your limiting beliefs and towards your dreams and goals.

Meredith Desmarais, Certified Life​& Organizational​ Coach

Once you become clear and find direction you will find more ease in all you do.

When you work and live from a place of integrity, stand in your truth and trust your intuition, your self worth and confidence will skyrocket. Limiting beliefs will release, moving you closer towards manifesting your dreams and desires.

If you have a passion, an idea, and if you are a heart centred entrepreneur that yearns to create a business that is aligned with you and brings you joy — then I am glad we are meeting.

If you are a heart centred woman who desires more connection, self love and fulfilment — you too are in the right place, and I am happy we have connected.

I have been where you are. It wasn't until I showed up for myself and really began to take care of myself through soulful and sacred self care practice, that I was able to honour my truth and create alignment in my life. It helped me shift my mindset and begin to take action towards my dreams and goals. I was finally able to align how I wanted to feel with the way I lived my life.

The overwhelm, fear, confusion and limitations that you are feeling can actually serve as a catalyst to shift your mindset, help you gain clarity and move you forward.

When you are offered simple direction and techniques that will allow your to look within, embrace the direction you are being guided towards and re-discover your passions and desires — you will begin to gain clarity. You will find it much easier to take action towards creating the life and business that you dream of.

Let me help guide you.


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