Soulful Business Strategist, Teresa Mazzella Reveals:

How To Create & Sell Out Your Workshop & Retreat

Workshops & retreats can be a lucrative, creative and fun way to build your spiritual coaching business.

Workshops & retreats are great ways to impact several women at one time, create opportunity and even help you sell out your 1:1 programs.

  • Do you have oodles of ideas written out and just sitting in a pretty coiled notebook?
  • Do you daydream about impacting thousands or even millions of women?
  • Do visualize yourself bringing together powerful women, creating connection and stepping into the leadership role you were meant to step into?
  • Does your soul ignite at the mere thought of inspiring other?

But Then...

  • You cringe at the thought of planning the next steps like booking a venue, promoting, narrowing down your topic(s) – the execution process for your event feels “too hard”, so you stop and soon your ideas and your potential seems so far out of reach.
  • The mind chatter sets in and you wonder if you are qualified to host a workshop or retreat, imposter syndrome sets in and eventually you tell yourself “why even bother with next steps”.

You Are Meant For Great Things!

Trust me, I have had those same thoughts and there have been many times when I almost gave up on workshops & retreats – I’m glad I didn’t because workshops and retreats nourish my soul and have been instrumental in building my coaching business and to see your shine your light and create your very own profitable workshop & retreat.

In this FREE 3 part training you will learn how to...

  • CREATE your very own profitable workshop. Get clear on your next steps so that you can get your ideas and inspirations out into the world so that you can impact others and create a profit.
  • SELL OUT your workshop or retreat. Whether you are planning on creating a small intimate workshop or retreat or a large event you will learn super simple and effective tips on how to sell out your workshop or retreat without investing a ton of money.
  • BUILD your 1:1 coaching biz from your workshops and retreats. The butterfly effect is an amazing thing and your impact doesn’t have to stop at the end of the workshop or retreat – your workshop or retreat is just the beginning of creating new connections and clients within your 1:1 coaching business. I will teach you simple ways on how to create 1:1 clients through workshops & retreats in a super soulful and authentic way.

Action Creates Clarity!

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Hi, I’m Teresa ~ soulful business strategist and mindset coach

I help women claim their authentic success, serve with their passions and create a profit.

As a spiritual and heart centered entrepreneur with 17+ years of business experience I have learned that there is not one perfect path towards success.

Each individual person holds their own unique strengths and values and when we build our businesses upon those values we create aligned opportunity, consistent visibility and the momentum we need to show up like a boss.

As spiritual entrepreneurs we are sensitive, we feel a lot, we sense a lot – at times our greatest gift of sensitivity can be our biggest challenge because we can become overwhelmed &  frustrated easily, which can hold us back from taking action and sharing our message with potential clients.We can shift this…

Through my many years in business, education in positive psychology and energy modalities and working through and with a chronic auto-immune disease I have learned how that a consistent, simple and soulful mindset/self care practice keeps me energized, confident and allows me to stay super clear so that I can maintain a consistent cash flow

By bringing together positive psychology based mindset work, soulful strategy and aligned action I was able to take my business to new heights and I want that for you.