A transformational 1:1 coaching program for spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to new heights

  • You have an established business and are feeling frustrated and discouraged because you are not where you thought you would be.
  • You feel like you are doing all of the “right” things but it still feels “off” and you are not connecting with aligned clients that are ready to work with you.
  • You struggle to stay focused, consistent and connected, you sometimes even feel un-inspired and discouraged, this is having a direct impact on your sales.
  • You have taken program after program and you STILL can’t seem to make it “work” for you.
  • You know that “cookie cutter” business models and strategies are not for you and yet you still have fear around stepping into your authentic power

Are you READY to discover strategies that feel natural and aligned so that you can claim authentic success?

  • How would it feel to create a soulful business strategy that is aligned with your natural soul values and purpose so that you can step into your zone of genius?
  • How would it feel to create consistent income?

A soulful action plan will create focus, consistency and help you harness Divine inspiration.

  • How would it feel to lean into your intuition on a deeper level so that you can make aligned business decisions that will take your business to the next level?
  • How would it feel to release limiting beliefs and create new pathways that will allow you to claim success and create the resilience so that you can flourish and thrive no matter what life throws your way?

Are you ready to claim authentic success?

It is my mission to support you in re-discovering the essence of your soul so that you can build your business foundation upon confidence, alignment and authenticity as well as create soulful business strategy

I believe that it is when we truly embody our soul values, listen to our inner voice and ditch “cookie cutter” business models and strategies that we ILLUMINATE within our life and business:

  • You open up new pathways that will allow you to serve with your passions
  • You create a profitable income from a place of alignment
  • You let go of social comparison
  • You let go of judging yourself and fear of being judged
  • You let of the excuses
  • You let go of confusion & harness inspiration
  • You show up like a boss
  • You become the confident spiritual entrepreneur you desire to be
  • You do it YOUR way

And when you show up like that?  That is when the MAGIC begins to happen

That’s when the money starts to flow to you in your business, that’s when clients come to you easily, that’s when you truly create the impact you dream of, that is when your light starts to shine so brightly you inspire those around you, that is when your creativity begins to soar and you create those amazing programs and workshops, that is when you begin to TRUST your intuition and honour your inner voice, that is when you finally CLAIM AUTHENTIC SUCCESS.

And I want you to create “magic”.

So, let’s talk about how we can create soulful strategy and release those limiting beliefs, together we can make magic happen for you, shall we?

Introducing The ILLUMINATION 1:1 coaching package for spiritual women entrepreneurs.

"align your business with your soul purpose and become fully illuminated"

You will feel completely supported, inspired and ready to take aligned action in this private coaching program.

As your soulful business strategist and mindset coach. I am here to help you release limiting blocks and create new pathways that serve your success as well as help you create business strategy that is aligned with the essence of your core values so that you can manifest the success you desire and increase profit while serving from your heart and soul.


What we cover

Your coaching program will be tailored to you,
but these are a few of the focus areas I cover with my clients

Embrace & Embody Your Soul Values

Create authentic success by stepping into the essence of who you truly are.  Through assessment and intuitive conversation uncover your unique combination of soul values.  Values are abilities and traits that feel completely natural to us because they are the essence of the soul.  When you consciously begin to work with core values you will bring in a new level of self worth and see your beautiful gifts in a new light creating the confidence you need to walk your own path and attract aligned clients that are ready to work with you. You will also get super clear on your message so that you can create fabulous offers and content.

Create a Mindset for Success

You will learn how to stay curious & compassionate so that you can create the resilience you need to keep creating consistent success and income without the burnout, overwhelm and frustration.

Through positive psychology teachings and energetic practices you will learn how to lean into all of your emotions (positive and negative) and use them as a pathway towards enlightenment and wisdom along your path.

You will also release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from claiming success and create new beliefs that serve your dreams, goals and vision

Harness Diving Inspiration

Create a foundation that serves as your launch pad for success.  Allow soulful and sacred practices to ignite inspiration and keep your vibe high so that you can keep creating from divine inspiration and harness the connection within your business that you desire and crave.  When your energy is flowing and vibrant so is your biz.

Deepen Your Intuition

Learn to trust your intuition a deeper level so that you can make more aligned and soul fulfilling business decisions that FEEL GOOD.

When you learn to trust your inner guidance you deepen alignment, step into your zone of genius and manifest authentic success.

Create a Soulful Business Strategy Plan

Ditch the “cookie cutter” models and create a plan based upon your natural qualities and gifts so that you can consistently share your message with ease and confidence, serve with vibrancy and create a profit.

Let go of the push, drain and spinning your wheels with “busy” work and create a focused and effective and direct action plan that supports your vision and the way you desire to feel while becoming super visible postitioning yourself as “the expert” and creating oodles of opportunity.

You will learn strategy that creates flow, inspiration, excitement and increases profit.

If you are ready to create a soulful business strategy and take your business to new heights

Nicole Liloia

Teresa is incredibly talented at helping you get clear on exactly which direction you need to take in your life and business. She provides you with such clear guidance and really helps you break through the second-guessing that so many of us business owners do when it comes to making important decisions.

Her warm + nurturing energy really helps you to break through your blocks and move to the next level of success easily and without struggle. Everyone needs Teresa in their corner!

Nicole Liloia

My Coaching Is for the Woman who….

  • Is sensitive and deeply feels emotion
  • Is ready to take action and ready to do it her way
  • Honours integrity, kindness and authenticity
  • Loves learning and values curiosity
  • Honours intuition and is ready to deepen it
  • Desires to claim her true and authentic voice
  • Is multipassionate, spiritual and creative
  • Is ready to embody confidence and uplevel her business
  • Understands the importance of investing in herself and her business

Hi I’m Teresa ~ soulful business strategist

I help women claim their authentic success, serve with their passions and create a profit.

As a spiritual and heart centered entrepreneur with 17+ years of business experience I have learned that there is not one perfect path towards success, each individual person holds their own unique strengths and values and when we build our businesses upon those values we create aligned opportunity, consistent visibility and the momentum we need to show up like a boss.

As spiritual entrepreneurs we are sensitive, we feel a lot, we sense a lot – at times our greatest gift of sensitivity can be our biggest challenge because we can become overwhelmed &  frustrated easily, which can hold us back from taking action and sharing our message with potential clients.

We can shift this…

Through my many years in business, education in positive psychology and energy modalities and working through and with a chronic auto-immune disease I have learned how to combine soulful & feminine business strategies with mainstream and masculine strategies in a way that serves my soul, keeps me energized, confident and allows me to stay aligned with my vision while claiming my goals and making a profit.

By bringing together positive psychology based mindset work, soulful strategy and aligned action I was able to take my business to new heights and I want that for you.

Here is my signature pacakge

ILLUMINATION  “a 6 month private coaching program"

To begin your program, we’ll have a 90 minute intensive intuitive clarity session where we will discuss where you are at now, what you desire to manifest and your business strategy strengths.

Also, through my gift of intuition  I will provide clarity around what you are experiencing in the moment. I am able to intuitively feel into your current situation as well as quickly pick up on any limiting self talk or limiting thought patterns and provide you with intuitive information about where you are at, the bigger picture of why this is happening.

With the exception of our 90 min intensive session together we will have 60 minute coaching sessions 3x per month for 6 mos.

A complimentary 30min  discovery session to discuss your specific needs in depth and to make sure we are a great fit.

I’ll share my favourite and most transformational worksheets and resources with you that are only available for my 1:1 clients.

Available to you in between sessions because there are times that you will need a little extra support and accountability.  I want to be there to celebrate your wins and support you through shifts and blocks.


45 minute follow up session


How to Create a Mindset For Success Video Training

How to Create A Profitable Workshop Training {3 Part Series}

Pathways Values Assessment Report


Your investment $2500 CDN

(approximately $1950 USD)

or six monthly payments of $440 CDN

(approximately $340USD)

If you are ready to create a soulful business strategy and take your business to new heights


Or email Teresa at

Jackie Lefebvre

I started working with Teresa to bring my business to the next level. I wanted to move into Intuitive Consulting but I was not sure how to get there.

Teresa's soulful and intuitive guidance helped me up-level my business. She helped to identify and clear some blocks so that I could move forward quickly.

During our weekly calls, it felt more like I was talking to a close friend not a business coach. I felt fully supported during the entire process!

I made huge progress in things above and beyond my goals in the (time) that we worked together. I now have a solid foundation for my business. I feel like my mind is much more open and clear now and a lot of my stress is gone. I am in control. I know what I'm doing, and I feel calm in knowing that I will achieve my goals and I have what I need to do it.

I especially love the intuitive angle that Teresa blends with business coaching. Thank you so much for helping me to up-level my business!!


“Joy springs from a sense of connection to the Divine and is a quality which ILLUMINATES you.” ~ Dianne Cooper